Fast, Bandwidth Friendly, High Definition Live Video Technology

The newest cameras are capable of delivering images as large as 1900 pixels. Most streaming hosts want to push the size and quality of the image down so much that it almost defeats the purpose of buying and implementing a camera system.


 We specialize in placing streaming cameras in Marina's, Entertainment Venues. and any Tourist Attractions.

Now with efficient H.264 compression live HD video uses half the bandwidth of standard definition and with twice the quality at an incredible 30 frames per second.

We offer Static Cameras (Fixed shot but still LIVE Streaming!)

     High Definition H.264 protocol improves the video resolution quality by encoding and transmitting two interlaced fields for each frame: 30 frames per second and 60 fields per second.  The result of this enhancement is a substantially higher resolution quality that approaches or matches MPEG-2 quality at a MUCH lower bandwidth cost.

     Gator IT Services next-generation video compression technology can match the best possible MPEG-2 quality at up to half the data rate. H.264 also delivers excellent video quality across the entire bandwidth spectrum  from 3G to HD and everything in between (from 40 Kbps to upwards of 10 Mbps). This means that your LIVE image can viewed viewed almost equally as well on slower internet connections!

Bring your website to life, with Live Streaming Video


...and H.264 live HD video DOES NOT require a large amount of bandwidth locally?

This means that you can piggy back a LIVE CAM on your internet connection at your business without the concern that it will slow down your own internet surfing, etc.

H.264 is a computationally advanced codec that simply requires a H.264 compatible HD network camera and a common broadband internet connection uploading with our HD Streaming Servers. For example, a full feature Live HD camera system requires a minimum of 500Kbps upload speed or greater in most locations these upload speeds are very common.






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